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terms & conditions

By choosing to ship with Briere Transportation, you agree to the following terms & conditions.

Briere Transportation is a provider of freight transportation for goods within North America. We are responsible for picking up, planning, consolidating, and moving your shipment to its final destination as well as communicating with the bill to customer in the process. If extra charges arise we are responsible to provide you with proof of these charges (typically signed for on the proof of delivery) however we are not responsible for the charges themselves.  

As the bill to party, it is your responsibility to provide accurate shipping information at the time of quote, including but not limited to: NMFC, class, dimensions, weights, commodity, shipper/consignee information, trade show requests, appointments, use of specific documentation, special equipment, customs clearance, after hours, inside P&D, weekend services and any other extra requirements at pick up or delivery. If the information is inaccurate or changes after quoting, you may be subject to additional charges.

By choosing to ship with Briere Transportation, you agree to pay for any additional services that arise at pick up, delivery or are required to safely transport your shipment. 


Our quotes are valid for 30 days and are confidential. Freight quotes do not include customs clearance, government fees and or taxes. Quotes are based on pickup and delivery at a business location with a dock unless otherwise requested.

Packaging & Claims

The shipper and/or bill to party is responsible for properly packaging the shipment. Improperly packaged shipments may result in damage and any associated claims will be declined.

Waybills or bills of lading issued by Briere Transportation do not override the original bill of lading issued by the shipper.

Your shipment is covered with a limited liability of $2.00 CAD per lb of loss or damage, with a maximum coverage of $90,000 CAD per vehicle. If you need even more protection for your shipment, you can request additional insurance at the time of quoting. To make a claim, simply provide us with the necessary documentation within 7 days of delivery, including a proof of delivery with claim notations, original bill of lading, commercial invoice, replacement cost invoice, claim form, supporting pictures and documents, and a paid freight invoice. The minimum claim amount is $150 CAD, and the general freight deductible is $350 CAD. For fragile shipments, electronics, machinery, or furniture, the deductible is $600 CAD. Don’t hesitate to ask for more details about the coverage when you request extra insurance at the time of quoting! The following commodities are not covered: Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco Products, Automobiles or Motorized Vehicles, Tile Products, Glass, Fragile Marked Shipments, Personal Effects, Household Goods, Furnishings, Live Plants or Animals, Refrigerated Goods, Heated or Fresh Products, Perishable Goods, Works of Art, Artifacts and Firearms.

By listing a declared value on your bill of lading, you acknowledge and agree to incur additional charges for insurance coverage provided by us.

Invoices & Terms

We are committed to providing you with the Proof of Deliveries (PODs) as quickly as possible. Our invoice terms start from the date of receipt, regardless of whether or not the POD is available at that time.

If the bill to party does not have a pre-established credit arrangement with Briere Transportation, payment must be processed before the shipment is released. Failure to make payment will result in the shipment being retained and the bill to party will be held responsible for incurring storage charges for any delay.

Your final invoice will include applicable state/provincial taxes, which are not reflected in your initial quote.

Kindly note in the event of any discrepancies, we may perform a shipment audit and rebill for any additional charges up to a year after delivery.

The shipper, consignee and bill to can all be held responsible for the payment of all freight charges. If one defaults for whatever reason the other party will be held liable.

Accounts in overdue or delinquent status may be placed on hold and interest of 2.5 percent per month compounded monthly may be charged on the unpaid balance. Delinquent accounts are subject to cancellation without notice with subsequent third-party action. If the Customer fails to pay the Service Provider all amounts which become due, the Service Provider will refer such matter to an attorney or collection agency. The Customer agrees to pay, in addition to the amounts due plus any interest charges, any costs incurred by the Service Provider as a result of third-party action, including reasonable legal and collection fees.

These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties involved in each shipment, superseding all prior negotiations, representations, or agreements.

Shippers Trust BRIERE Transportation

- Jenny / Vancouver, BC

We are thankful to have met your wonderful team !

- Jenny / Vancouver, BC

We are thankful to have met your wonderful team !

- Jenny / Vancouver, BC

We are thankful to have met your wonderful team !
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