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Production Transportation

White Glove Service + Trucks with Modern Technology

With over fifteen years of experience, Briere Transportation Ltd. has provided Specialized Trucking for a diverse range of projects. The fact that we continue to evolve and thrive is a testament to our dedication to our clients. From concerts to corporate, from multiple truck tours with leapfrogging systems to the most intimate of single truck endeavors, we’re confident that once you’ve participated in the ‘Briere Experience’ you will look no further for your event transportation needs.


Production Transportation for Live Events & Concerts

Dependable and Reliable Show Freight Solutions

Our fleet of Briere company-owned long-haul tractors and trailers offer dependable and reliable support services for all of your special event, concert tour and show freight needs. Our trucks are meticulously maintained and regularly serviced for optimal performance on the road. We work quickly to tackle any location-based or logistical challenges, all while ensuring your cargo gets to the show on-time and on-budget.

Our Continued Evolution

Born as a need developed in the entertainment industry for a trucking company that understood the complexities of concerts and touring including general freight, Briere Transportation Ltd. has become the one name synonymous with service and comfortable with diversity.