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General Freight

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Diverse Freight Solutions

At Briere Transportation Ltd., we have a variety of freight solutions available to suit our client’s diverse set of needs. From Dry Van to Flatbed Services, Step Deck and Drop Trailers, as well as Power Only Trucking options and Full Truckload capabilities, our agile fleet is built to service your load requirements on-time with the latest in technology and GPS tracking.

Simple Quotes and Reliable Service

We pride ourselves not only on delivering our freight on-time but also on-budget. Our years of industry experience give us sound knowledge of the logistics for your unique haul situation, so that we can also be a guide for how best to tackle the job. Get started today with an easy to navigate Quote Request form.

Our Small & Agile Fleet Delivers Time-Sensitive Loads

Dry Van

On-board GPS &
real time fleet tracking

As Dry Vans are one of the most popular, versatile and preferred methods of transporting non-refrigerated goods, at Briere our fleet is comprised of the latest models of long haul trucks equipped with on-board GPS devices for real time fleet tracking and reporting available to our clients.

Our Dry Van Shipping services are ideal for non-liquid and non-perishable items in our 53- foot trailers. We also regularly maintain our trailers and take care to prevent any moisture or condensation buildup on the hardwood floors by thoroughly inspecting our trailers for cleanliness.

Flatbed Services

Secure delivery
for oversized cargo

As an asset-based carrier, we keep your valuable freight safe with our competent, specially trained drivers. Our flatbed freight services allow for larger trailer options, perfect for shipments that require a bit more height and length. We can track your shipments in real-time with our on-board GPS and offer quality service for your everyday trucking needs.

We can haul a variety of heavy items such as lumber, pipe, machinery, crushed recycled cars and more and also offer tarp services including straps to secure loads and ensure everything is locked down tight during travel and safe from the weather.

Step Deck

Our Step Deck trailers (also known as drop deck or lowboy trailers) are commercial trailers that are capable of carrying your tall cargo so you do not have to obtain permits for oversized loads. Our focus is on hauling your product on-time and on-budget, with safe and secure loads including tarp services with straps for your convenience and protection from the elements.

Full Truckload

Our TL or FTL (Full Truckload) shipments are dedicated trucks that take of your entire load, mitigating the risk for delay or damage in your products. This is especially true when you have a large capacity of goods being shipped, as we take care to make your freight shipments as economical as possible.

Drop Trailers

Drop Trailers are perfect for deliveries that do not have to fit within a set appointment window, giving your warehouse employees more flexibility in timing of loading and unloading trailers. Drop Trailers can streamline your supply chain and offer time and cost- savings for shippers that have consistent volume, limited dock space, want more flexibility and that struggle with long loading times.

Power Only Trucking

We offer Power Only Trucking solutions to haul freight via your shipper or a 3PL and we can handle various trailer combinations. You hire our truck and driver to transport your products to a specific destination and we take care of the rest. Benefits of Power Only Trucking include being able to transport unexpected cargo shipments quickly and efficiently, as well as providing a team of drivers to handle your logistical needs.