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Commonly Used Accessorial Services

summary of rules and value added services

1. ADDITIONAL STOP CHARGES (Initial pick up and delivery included  in freight rate) All additional stops will be billed at $150 per stop.

2. DETENTION WITH POWER UNIT FTL 120 Mins Free. $100.00/hr thereafter, with a minimum charge of $25.00 per 15 min increments.

3. PROTECTIVE SERVICE Protect from Freeze protection provided at a cost of 20% of the linehaul charges. Minimum charge of $100.00. Temperature specific control is not provided.

4. HAZMAT 10% of linehaul rate – min charge $225.00

5. APPOINTMENT DELIVERIES & NOTIFICATION PRIOR TO DELIVERY Shipments will be subject to a $30.00 charge per appointment or $15.00 per call ahead. Carrier will not accept any liability for cost arising from missed appointments of late deliveries. Storage charges will apply to appointments not given within 48 hours.

6. LAYOVER $450 fee per day where the Carrier at no fault of their own incurred a delay of more than 24 hours.

7. TRUCK ORDERED NOT USED (TONU) $450 fee plus mileage incurred on any shipment cancelled less than 4 hours notice for pick ups.

8. RE-DELIVERY OF FREIGHT $250 (additional charges may apply if outside standard redelivery condition)

9. HELPER/ LUMPER/ SWAMPER Additional load/unload help is provided at $75.00/hour. Minimum of 4 hours per person.

10. POWER TAILGATE A minimum of $65.00 to a maximum of $250.00 based on “pallet spot”.

11. C.O.D. FEE Will be 6% of C.O.D amount, minimum of $25.00. A $20.00surcharge will be issued for cancellations.

12. AFTER HOURS DELIVERY Shipments that require delivery beyond our regular hours of 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, will be subject to $200.00 surcharge over and above the delivery rate.

13. SUNDAY & HOLIDAY DELIVERY OR PICKUP Will be subject to a $350.00 per vehicle surcharge over and above regular delivery rates. (from noon Saturday to 6:00 am Monday)


14. STORAGE CHARGES If a shipment is unable to be delivered or needs storage, a nominal fee of $10 per pallet per day will be charged. For your ease, the fee is calculated on the number of pallets and days in storage.

Formula: number of pallets X $10.00 X number of days in storage = total. A minimum charge of $25 applies if the total is less.

15. ACCESSORIAL CHARGES are chargeable in the same currency as the linehaul rates quoted.

16. TRAILER DETENTION A fee of $150.00 per van or $250.00 per reefer/heat-controlled unit per day will be
assessed for all trailers spotted in excess of 24 hours.

17. P.O.D. REQUESTS P.O.D requested will be $25.00
per shipment.

18. ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGE There will be a charge of $25.00 applied when billing terms are changed after
invoicing or if special handling is required for invoicing and payment collection.

19. BORDER CHARGE Charge for the carrier tendering paperwork for clearance is $250

20. BORDER DETENTION CHARGE Applies when carrier’s driver is delayed at the US / CDN border crossing due to customs clearance issues/inspection or offload. M-F 0800-1600 charge is per minute $1.70, minimum charge of $240.00 Weekends/Holidays and after hours, minimum charge of $420.00.

21.VALUATION LIABILITY Maximum carrier liability is $2.00 per pound unless a declared value is stated on the Bill of Lading. Valuation in excess of $2.00 per pound is charged at 2% of the excess value, with a minimum charge of $10.00 Limitation on declared value without a quote number will be $25.00 per pound or $50,000 whichever is less

Shippers Trust BRIERE Transportation

- Jenny / Vancouver, BC

We are thankful to have met your wonderful team !

- Jenny / Vancouver, BC

We are thankful to have met your wonderful team !

- Jenny / Vancouver, BC

We are thankful to have met your wonderful team !
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